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Welcome to Mandarin Red

We are a team of professionals with extensive experience in petrochemical, trading and logistics. These determining skills originate from petrochemical, engineering, trading industries and processing supply chains. Over the years we have developed a network and unique database of Information on contacts, costs, productivity and service levels. That gives us the opportunity to
Benchmark the costs of our clients versus market average and to aim best-in-class performance.

Mandarin Red supports companies in the petrochemical sector especially in the Middle East to Improve significantly the efficiency in business processes.
Our vision is to change our clients’ business objectives into operational benefits. Our long experience in the petrochemical business allowed us to conclude that there were, still, tremendous opportunities for further optimization of supply chain elements, especially in procurement, maintenance, operation, handling and distribution.

Procurement services
By establishment of a qualified industrial procurement network with end users and suppliers. Mandarin Red is one of the best sources for project procurement not only for a specific item but also for different and complete packages.
Our integrated and innovative solutions are state of the art and optimize our client’s performance both in processing and reduction of costs.

Mandarin Red - Areas of business

We are able to provide key-advantages to our customers by offering our core business activities:

1) Technical equipment (spare parts)
2) Supply of oil and chemicals
3) Repair and refurbishment and replacements
4) Logistics consulting

1. Technical equipment
Our target is to deliver spare parts with best price policy.

Delivery scope is, e.g.: ► delivery of spare parts for the petrochemical sector
► Safety equipment
► Pump spare parts
► Sensors, instruments, PLS
► Pipes, flanges, fittings, bolts, nuts
► Valves (control-, gate-, slide-, ball,...)
► Heat exchanger
► Motors, Gears, Pumps
► Complete Packaging lines
► All kind of logistics equipment (e.g. storage, conveying)
► Special logistics equipment (e.g. belt thrower)

Our focus is to achieve following targets:

- Worldwide delivery of spare parts for the petrochemical sector
- Best price policy
- Utilization of consolidation effects
- Guarantee of fixed lead-times by physical transportation
- Original high quality parts
- All equipment with safety-, CE-declaration and manufacturer’s certification

2. Supply of oil and chemicals
Our experience and successful cooperation with the petrochemical sector ensure excellent contacts with suppliers for chemicals.

► Anti foam
► Phosohate solution
► Original Shell oil
► Lubricants,Grease from Mobil,Fuchs We proudly procure original oils from the real sources.

3. Repair,refurbishment and replacements
Plungers Reconditioning:
Hyper compressor carbide plungers are the most critical parts in the LDPE production.
A catastrophic plunger failure leads to unplanned compressor shut-down. This will not only entail enormous production losses, but also extensive repair costs of other compressor parts and in the worst case even severe personnel injuries caused by an explosion.
We are able to refurbish or produce a new plunger for your plant.

Die plates Refurbishing:
In order to obtain good pelletizing, your die plate has to be in perfect condition. This requires high quality maintenance.
We service all your die plates, independently of the manufacturer. We are able to recondition die plates as large as 1200 mm in diameter.
We are able to repair your die plates with the best technology. This will be done in Europe.

New Pelletizing Knives:
Titanium carbide has proved to be excellent as material for pelletizing knives. We already have delivered replacement knives for some petrochemicals produced by European manufacturers. All the repairmen should be delivered to Europe and will be sent back in shortest possible time.

Packing cups Reconditioning:
Hyper compressor packing cups are used to position the bronze seal rings. Since they have to seal the extremely high pressure in the cylinder, these cups are very heavily loaded and prone to fretting fatigue. The fretting fatigue can lead to cracks which will lead to gas leaks. It is therefore very important that the cups are inspected and reconditioned on regular bases.

4. Logistics Consulting

Supply chain management, operations and handling are our core business units and main competences. The combination of consulting skills, attendant project implementation and management experience in the petrochemical sector showed us what does and what does not work. We offer customized solutions to our clients, but based on our recommendations on best practice and industry experiences.

The continuous improvement of our clients’ business processes to top performance and high efficiency is our incentive. Reaching that aim we challenge existing processes by several, practical methods of resolutions to generate an optimal growth on markets.
We know the capabilities, cost structures and service levels of logistic suppliers to arrange an optimal agreement for our customers. Our approach is down to earth, based on our team‘s hands- on
experience and our goal of achieving tangible results. We focus on adding value to our clients’ business units by improving the cost-benefit ratio.

We also maintain a large network of experienced specialists who regularly undertake project work with us and who provide us with unique expertise and interim management skills.

Consulting topics:

- Supporting of maintenance management with allocating and specification of spare parts to improve availability of plants.
- Logistics cost leadership by transportation to Europe
- Integrating new technologies
- Consulting and implementation of HSE- & quality standards
- Supporting of start-ups of logistics plants
- Implementing of software / EDI
- Staff training
- Consulting in efficiency of logistics plants’ operations
- Optimizing of bulk processing, handling and warehousing

Mandarin Red runs your business

- Analyzing, allocation and specification of technical equipment and spare parts.
- Establishing of a procurement pool of several logistics’ plants, plastics manufacturer and refineries to conform local demands. The result is to achieve reduction of costs and savings in purchasing.
- order management of low and high priority equipment/parts in Europe
- Supply Chain Management starting from procurement, organization, coordination on demand and shipment to the Middle East.
- Worldwide deliveries and added services according to Incoterms 2010.

Mandarin Red Advantages:

- High delivery reliability

- Continuous high product-quality

- integrated solutions for logistics

- Competitive price due to integrated supply chain

That’s how business runs with Mandarin Red!

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